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These tests are secondary tumours: Diagnosis of organs involved in as under (Table 4 proven herbal max gun power 60cap herbals interaction with antihistamines. The term window period is used of normal immune response with onset of adverse effects on the for the initial 2 to 4 weeks period when the patient is body cheap herbal max gun power 30caps without prescription biotique herbals. The lesions of hypersensitivity are a form of antigeninfectious but the screening test is negative purchase herbal max gun power online pills herbs and pregnancy, while seroconantibody reaction. These lesions are termed as hyperversion is the term used for appearance of antibodies. Immediate type in which on administration of antigen, b) Western blot the reaction occurs immediately (within seconds to minutes. Definition Rapidly developing immune Reaction of humoral antibodies Results from deposition of Cell-mediated slow and response in a previously that attack cell surface antigens antigen-antibody complexes prolonged response sensitised person and cause cell lysis on tissues 2. Mediated by IgE antibodies IgG or IgM antibodies IgG, IgM antibodies Cell-mediated 4. Reaction against (administration of antisera cells (autoimmune haemolytic glomerulonephritis microbacterial antigen and drugs, stings) anaemia, transfusion ii. The antibodies so formed bind to the Fc receptors present in reaction appears within 15-30 minutes of exposure to antigen. Type I reaction is mediated by humoral antibodies now fully sensitised for the next event. Although ii) During the second contact with the same antigen, IgE definite cause for this form of immediate reaction to allergen antibodies on the surface of mast cells-basophils are so firmly is not known, following are the possible hypotheses: bound to Fc receptors that it sets in cell damage—membrane 1. There is evidence that ability to respond to lysis, influx of sodium and water and degranulation of mast antigen and produce IgE are both linked to genetic basis. For example, there is a 50% chance that a child born to both iii) the released granules contain important chemicals and parents allergic to an antigen, may have similar allergy. Another proposed hypothesis increased vascular permeability; is that environmental pollutants increase mucosal smooth muscle contraction; permeability and thus may allow increased entry of allergen early vasoconstriction followed by vasodilatation; into the body, which in turn leads to raised IgE level. An alternate hypothesis is that increased gastric secretion; allergic response in type I reaction may be linked to increased nasal and lacrimal secretions; and simultaneous occurrence of certain viral infections of upper Increased migration of eosinophils and neutrophils at the respiratory tract in a susceptible individual. Its mechanism is schematically type I reaction may be variable in severity and intensity. In response to initial contact with Common allergens which may incite local or systemic type I antigen, circulating B lymphocytes get activated and reaction are as under: 75 Figure 4. Systemic anaphylaxis: the clinical features of systemic anaphylaxis include i) Administration of antisera. The drugs or their metabolites act as skin characterised by urticaria, wheal and flare. The inhaled antigen combines is brought about by autoantibodies reacting with antigens with antibody in the alveolar fluid and forms antigenpresent on red cell membrane. Antiglobulin test (direct antibody complex which is deposited in the alveolar walls. IgA) or iii) Haemolytic disease of the newborn (erythroblastosis tissue derived (e. Immune complexes containing foetalis) in which the foetal red cells are destroyed by maternal both components from bodys own system can thus be isoantibodies crossing the placenta. According to this mechanism, T iv) Rheumatoid arthritis in which there is nuclear antigen. These and prolonged response of specifically-sensitised T mechanisms are as follows: lymphocytes. B cells may be directly exposure to antigen and the effect is prolonged which may activated by stimuli such as infection with microorganisms last up to 14 days. Scleroderma (Progressive systemic sclerosis)* which is completely sequestered may act as foreign-antigen 4. Infection with microorganisms, (i) Autoimmune atrophic gastritis in pernicious anaemia particularly viruses (e. In these, the autoantibodies (iii) Autoimmune encephalomyelitis formed react specifically against an organ or target tissue (iv) Goodpastures syndrome component and cause its chronic inflammatory destruction. The examples of this group are various skin lesions involving the bridge of nose and adjacent cheeks systemic collagen diseases. Rarely, discoid form However, a few autoimmune diseases overlap between may develop into disseminated form. These include: i) an inherited defect in B cells; ii) stimulation of B cells by micro-organisms; iii) T helper cell hyperactivity; and iv) T suppressor cell defect. These factors are: If the mass, more often an intact lymphocyte, is phagoi) certain drugs. Scleroderma (Progressive Systemic Sclerosis) Class V: Membranous lupus nephritis: Seen in 10-15% cases. Usually targeted involvement as well as cutaneous lesions are seen in organs are musculoskeletal system, skin, kidneys, nervous systemic sclerosis. Skin is involved diffusely, beginning are considered to bring about inflammatory destruction of 81 distally from fingers and extending proximally to arms, muscle. The skeletal muscles Microscopically, changes are progressive from early to usually affected are of pelvis, shoulders, neck, chest and late stage. Early stage shows oedema and degeneration of Histologically, vacuolisation and fragmentation of muscle collagen. The small-sized blood vessels are occluded and fibres and numerous inflammatory cells are present. Involvement of kidneys is seen in muscle weakness, mainly proximal; majority of cases of systemic sclerosis. The lesions are skin rash, typically with heliotropic erythema and prominent in the walls of interlobular arteries which periorbital oedema; develop changes resembling malignant hypertension. Muscularis of the alimentary Sjogrens Syndrome tract, particularly oesophagus, is progressively atrophied Sjogrens syndrome is characterised by the triad of dry eyes and replaced by fibrous tissue.

During an influenza epidemic purchase discount herbal max gun power online herbs used for medicine, the combination of Influenzinum safe herbal max gun power 30 caps herbals incense, Bacillinum and Diphtherinum is a potent preventive treatment generic herbal max gun power 30caps overnight delivery yavapai herbals. Diphtherinum has also been found very effective in weak and paralysed muscles of swallowing. Diphtherinum will also be useful in the treatment of the affliction of the heart due to influenza. Diphtherinum is also of use in all those diseases which exhibit Diphtheria like symptoms. It is extremely beneficial in the treatment of enlarged tonsils, a thick red tongue, foul smelling excretions, difficulty in swallowing or, regurgitation of the food and water through the nose. Its leaves have a reddish, hairy structure on the surface, which produce a secretion to attract insects and helps to digest them. As soon as an insect comes near they immediately close and the insect becomes their food. Besides tuberculosis, it was also used for the treatment of toothache, insanity and problems related to childbirth. In homoeopathy, the medicine is prepared from an extract of the plant and is commonly used for the treatment of cough. Drosera is not only of use in coughs, but is also used for the treatment of convulsions related to other diseases. The Drosera patient becomes very worried and anxious after the convulsion and the subsequent unconsciousness. Drosera is a very highly effective remedy for the treatment of this confusion, perhaps an aftereffect of the convulsion. Drosera should also be used in the treatment of menopausal syndrome because the symptoms of Drosera are very similar to that of menopause, such as flushing of the face, selective congestion of any part of the body and restlessness. There is headache, especially over the forehead, which radiates outward through the cheekbones. A feeling of severe cold and a stinging Drosera Rotundifolia 313 pain on the left side of the face while the right side of the face is dry and warm, are all typical features of Drosera. Drosera may be of use to treat the cough arising out of irritation inside the windpipe after taking food. An epidemic cough spreads wide during the formation of pods on the wild Acacia trees, Drosera is very useful in treating this cough. Drosera is very useful for the treatment of the cough associated with constant irritation in the throat, which is not relieved even after coughing. Any kind of cough which starts after midnight or which gets worse on talking will respond to Drosera. In children, bouts of whooping cough come on as soon as the child puts his head on the pillow, and then continue for two to three hours. Typically, the Drosera cough becomes worse on lying down, laughing and singing or due to the warmth of the bed. Antidote: Camphor Potency: 6 or 30 up to 200 Drosera Rotundifolia 314 Dulcamara (Bitter Sweet) Dulcamara is prepared from a plant which grows abundantly in the continents of Europe and America. Its stem and roots make the mouth bitter when chewed, but later on there is a sweet after-taste in the mouth. The homoeopathic medicine prepared from the extract of the fresh plant is called Dulcamara. The most salient point is that any kind of sudden change of weather, from hot to cold or from cold to hot, from moist to dry and vice versa, affects the mucous membranes of the body, especially when the change is very prompt and sudden. For this kind of condition, Dulcamara would probably be the most appropriate treatment. Dulcamara would certainly be useful to treat a patient who catches a cold with every change of weather, even if the other symptoms of the patient do not give a clear picture. After a vigorous game, some players change their clothes while the body is still hot. Similarly, sudden exposure to hot weather from a cold situation also causes a cold. The catarrhal changes can affect the kidneys, the intestines as well as the stomach, leading to frequent urination and the onset of diarrhoea, the reason being the same. If during summer a person contracts cold while visiting hill stations or coming back from the hill stations, Dulcamara would certainly be the indicated treatment. Dulcamara given in high potency works as a sure preventive measure, so much so that sudden changes in weather would not affect such patients at all. Dulcamara 315 Dulcamara will also be useful in treating the symptoms which result from suppression of sweating on entry into a cold place. In Dulcamara, the cold is usually of dry nature, associated with blockage of the nose. Dulcamara is also the treatment for chronic ulcers of the inner linings (mucous membranes), as well as of the skin. The eczema like lesions develop on the skin of the face, which then spread rapidly and get covered with yellow scabs. The similar symptom is well seen in Arsenic also, though their nature is different. In Arsenic, the wounds can progress to the formation of gangrene, although there is no such tendency in Dulcamara. Dulcamara results in the formation of ulcers over the superficial bones, which are separated from the outside only by skin. Regarding the wounds and sores of Arsenic and Dulcamara, the difference is that in Arsenic, there is formation of lumps similar to those found in plague.

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A subcutaneous cardiac rhythm monitor is placed using a small parasternal incision followed by insertion of the monitor into a small subcutaneous prepectoral pocket buy herbal max gun power without a prescription himalaya herbals uk, followed by closure of the incision order 60cap herbal max gun power visa herbspro. Version 2019 Page 107 of 257 Physician Procedure Codes cheap herbal max gun power online visa herbalshopcompanynet, Section 5 Surgery Procurement of the saphenous vein graft is included in the description of the work for 33510-33516 and should not be reported as a separate service or co-surgery. To report harvesting of an upper extremity vein, use 35500 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of a femoropopliteal vein segment, report 35572 in addition to the bypass procedure. When surgical assistant performs graft procurement, add modifier –80 to 33510-33516. To report combined arterial-venous grafts it is necessary to report two codes: 1) the appropriate combined arterial-venous graft code (33517-33523); and 2) the appropriate arterial graft code (3353333536. Procurement of the saphenous vein graft is included in the description of the work for 33517-33523 and should not be reported as a separate service or co-surgery. Procurement of the artery for grafting is included in the description of the work for 33533-33536 and should not be reported as a separate service or co-surgery, except when an upper extremity artery (eg, radial artery) is procured. To report harvesting of an upper extremity vein, use 35500 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of an upper extremity artery, use 35600 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of a femoropopliteal vein segment, report 35572 in addition to the bypass procedure. When surgical assistant performs arterial and/or venous graft procurement, add modifier -80 to 33517-33523, 33533-33536, as appropriate. The codes include the use of the internal mammary artery, gastroepiploic artery, epigastric artery, radial artery, and arterial conduits procured from other sites. To report combined arterial-venous grafts it is necessary to report two codes: 1) the appropriate arterial graft code (33533-33536); and 2) the appropriate combined arterial-venous graft code (3351733523. Procurement of the artery for grafting is included in the description of the work for 33533-33536 and should not be reported as a separate service or co-surgery, except when an upper extremity artery (eg, radial artery) is procured. To report harvesting of an upper extremity artery, use 35600 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of an upper extremity vein, use 33500 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of a femoropopliteal vein segment, report 33572 in addition to the bypass procedure. When surgical assistant performs arterial and/or venous graft procurement, add modifier -80 to 33517-33523, 33533-33536 as appropriate. These codes include all device introduction, manipulation, positioning, and deployment. All balloon angioplasty and/or stent deployment within the target treatment zone for the endoprosthesis, either before or after endograft deployment, are not separately reportable. For fluoroscopic guidance in conjunction with endovascular repair of the thoracic aorta, see codes 75956-75959 as appropriate. Codes 75956 and 75957 include all angiography of the thoracic aorta and its branches for diagnostic imaging prior to deployment of the primary endovascular devices (including all routine components of modular devices), fluoroscopic guidance in the delivery of the endovascular components, and intraprocedural arterial angiography (eg, confirm position, detect endoleak, evaluate runoff. Code 75958 includes the analogous services for placement of each proximal thoracic endovascular extension. Code 75959 includes the analogous services for placement of a distal thoracic endovascular extension(s) placed during a procedure after the primary repair. Other interventional procedures performed at the time of endovascular repair of the descending thoracic aorta should be additionally reported (eg, innominate, carotid, subclavian, visceral, or iliac artery transluminal angioplasty or stenting, arterial embolization, intravascular ultrasound) when performed before or after deployment of the aortic prostheses. Also included is that portion of the operative arteriogram performed by the surgeon, as indicated. To report harvesting of an upper extremity vein, use 35500 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting of a femoropopliteal vein segment, use 35572 in addition to the bypass procedure. To report harvesting and construction of an autogenous composite graft of two segments from two distant locations, report 35682 in addition to the bypass procedure, for autogenous composite of three or more segments from distant sites, report 35683. These codes are intended for use when the two or more vein segments are harvested from a limb other than that undergoing bypass. Add-on codes 35682 and 35683 are reported in addition to bypass graft codes 35556, 35566, 35571, 35583-35587, as appropriate. Code 35685 should be reported in addition to the primary synthetic bypass graft procedure, when an interposition of venous tissue (vein patch or cuff) is placed at the anastomosis between the synthetic bypass conduit and the involved artery (includes harvest. Code 35686 should be reported in addition to the primary bypass graft procedure, when autogenous vein is used to create a fistula between the tibial or peroneal artery and vein at or beyond the distal bypass anastomosis site of the involved artery. Catheters, drugs, and contrast media are not included in the listed service for the injection procedures. Selective vascular catheterization should be coded to include introduction all lesser order selective catheterization used in the approach (eg, the description for a selective right middle cerebral artery catheterization includes the introduction and placement catheterization of the right common and internal carotid arteries. Additional second and/or third order arterial catheterization within the same family of arteries or veins supplied by a single first order vessel should be expressed by 36012, 36218 or 36248. Additional first order or higher catheterization in vascular families supplied by a first order vessel different from a previously selected and coded family should be separately coded using the conventions described above.

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This may be achieved either by antifithyroid drugs discount herbal max gun power 60cap visa herbals herbal medicine, radiofiiodine therapy or partial thyroidectomy purchase herbal max gun power with amex herbals a to z. Pharmacological Treatment 133 Propranolol cheap herbal max gun power 30 caps line herbs under turkey skin, oral, 10fi40 mg 3 times daily, helps to reduce many of the symptoms of thyrotoxicosis and may be started prior to referral. During vaginal examination digital curettage may be done to remove as much of the placental tissue as possible. This helps to minimise the haemorrhage but it may be uncomfortable or painful to the patient. In addition advise patient • To abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 2 weeks. Discharge on ferrous sulphate as soon as patient is fit to go home and review in 2 weeks. Evacuate the retained products of conception under general anaesthesia within 6 hours of initiation of antibiotic therapy. Extreme care is needed in order not to perforate the uterus (if it has not been perforated already. Suction curettage (manual or with machine) is preferred for first trimester cases. The procedure must be covered adequately with oxytocics, as haemorrhage can be a problem. Infancy Newborn girls may have some spotting for a few days because of stimulation of the endometrium in utero by oestrogen produced by the placenta. Childhood 140 Bleeding may result from: • Accidental traumatic lesions of vulva and vagina • Rape and defilement • Vaginitis (as a result of a foreign body) • Urethral mucosal prolapse • Rarely, tumours Young Adolescents Bleeding may result from: • Complications of pregnancy • Coital lacerations including rape and defilement. When the bleeding is controlled continue treatment with Norethisterone (as above) or Medroxyprogesterone Acetate 5 mg twice or 3 times daily for 10fi12 days or Low dose oral contraceptive pill for 3fi6 cycles. Clomifene citrate is given as 50 mg daily for 5 days, starting from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle. In the presence of poor semen analysis the patients partner must be referred to an Urologist. A woman is considered to be postmenopausal if there is no menstruation for a period of at least 6 months and she is not pregnant. It is associated with physical, emotional and psychological upheaval of varying intensity in the affected individual. The following symptoms may be particularly distressing: • Hot flushes (heat or burning in the face, neck and chest with resultant sweating. The flushes may be associated with palpitations, faintness, dizziness, fatigue and weakness) • Vaginal dryness • Emotional and psychological problems include: • Mood changes • Depression • Anxiety • Nervousness • Irritability • Loss of libido • Atrophic changes in the genital tract may give rise to the following: • Increased frequency of micturiction and dysuria. To this end a good history and examination should be done at each visit to identify problems that are likely to have an adverse effect on the pregnancy (risk factors. High risk pregnancies (pregnancies that are likely to have one or more risk factors) should be referred to a hospital or obstetrician. Notes • It is important to keep accurate records of all findings • High risk mothers should go to a hospital for antenatal care • It is very useful to bring all the mothers together for health talks and discussions (health education) Examine the mother: • Does the mother look illfi Sudden weight gain or weight loss are both very worrying • Blood pressure: the upper limit of normal is 140 mmHg for the systolic pressure, and 90mmHg for the diastolic pressure • Uterine size (symphysiofifundal height after 20 weeks gestation) • Presentation and position of the baby: Near the time of delivery, the head of the baby should be above the pelvis. Often, no cause for the vomiting is found; however, it may be associated with multiple pregnancy or molar pregnancy. Pharmacological treatment (Evidence rating: C) Mild cases • Promethazine, oral, 25fi50 mg twice or thrice daily or • Metoclopramide, oral, 10 mg twice or thrice times daily. This is a critical care situation and needs the services of a competent anaesthetist • the patient should be kept on her side and turned every hour to prevent aspiration pneumonitis, as she is likely to be unconscious or semificonscious. The diastolic pressure should not go below 90 mmHg as placental perfusion may be impaired with resultant foetal distress 152 • An indwelling urethral catheter is inserted to measure urinary output. It will also prevent the patient from being stimulated by a filling bladder • Observe closely for infection of the urinary and respiratory tracts • If after a few hours, there are no further fits; delivery of the foetus should be done by the most appropriate method to ensure safety of both mother and baby • Maintenance dose of Magnesium Sulphate is given as 10 ml of the 50% solution (5 g) into alternate buttocks every four hours and it is continued till 24 hours after the last fit or delivery. Toxicity to Magnesium Sulphate presents as slowing or arrest of the heart beat and the respiration and loss of the deep tendon reflexes. Pharmacological Treatment (Evidence rating: C) • Ferrous sulphate, oral, 200 mg 3 times daily. This may be increased to 400 mg 3 times daily in severe cases if no gastric symptoms occur • Folic acid, oral, 5mg daily • Multivitamin, oral, one tablet 3 times daily may be added • For those with iron deficiency anaemia who are unable to tolerate oral iron, parenteral iron may be given. This should be given under careful observation and a small test dose should first be given. Contrafiindications to the use of parenteral iron like iron dextran includes asthma, renal or liver disease, previous pyelonephritis and reaction to the drug • In severe anaemia, blood transfusion may be necessary. Use only screened blood for transfusion • In labour it is better to transfuse the patient. The management of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy must be by a combined team of physicians, obstetricians, dieticians and nurses. Serial ultrasound scan from 32 weeks fi Biparietal diameter, Head Circumference, Femur Length, Abdominal Circumference or trunk diameter and weight estimation • Full Blood Count • Mid Stream Specimen of Urine for culture and analysis monthly • High vaginal swab for vaginal candidiasis • Blood Urea and Electrolytes and Creatinine • Do the fasting blood glucose and 2fihour postfiprandial blood glucose every 2fi4 weeks. Pharmacological Treatment (Evidence rating: A) • If diet alone cannot control the blood glucose level then give insulin • Type 2 diabetic patients on oral medication who become pregnant should be switched to insulin treatment. If complications exist then earlier delivery may be indicated • Indications for Caesarean section include severe prefieclampsia, previous caesarean section, advanced maternal age, malpresentation or foetal macrosomia • If elective preterm delivery is necessary, confirm pulmonary maturity with amniocentesis (if facilities are available. The blood glucose levels may reach up to 11 mmol/L without any problems • Check blood glucose 2 hourly. Cardiac disease may be present before the pregnancy or develop during the pregnancy or puerperium (peripartum cardiomyopathy.

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Such produced excessive heat in the peripheral ending in the stomach of the digestive nerves purchase discount herbal max gun power aasha herbals -, thickening the mucus of the mucous surface by drying purchase generic herbal max gun power online vaadi herbals review. Similar conditions were the cause of the abnormal heat of the lungs generic herbal max gun power 60cap line herbals for high blood pressure, only that the occluded foramen was higher in the dorsal. Acute diseases are relieved by one or two adjustments; whereas, chronic cases take more time, because of changes made in the osseous structure. To establish the efficiency of the remedy the physicians injected the live cure into several patients, all of whom recovered. We thought it good enough for reproduction in the Chiropractor: Editor of Deed and Double: Please allow me to further explain, by relating one case, in order to show how displacements of the spine may cause an abnormal appetite for strong drink. In our adjustments for stomach troubles, patients occasionally report a change of appetite. It is a well-known fact that many persons, upon recovery from disease, find a change in their likes and dislikes for food and drink. In Chiropractic, not Chiropractice, we find nerves control all functions, appetite being one of them. That function may be deranged, the appetite abnormally increased or decreased, or a craving for unusual substances. It is a Chiropractic fact that undue pressure on nerves deranges their action and sensation. At the fourth adjustment he said, The odor coming from a saloon always had an inviting effect, so much so that I sometimes could not resist the desire of going in and taking a drink; then I was in for a drunken spree. Why is it necessary to give daily adjustments upon the same vertebra for several weeksfi These questions must be definitely answered by showing what keeps the vertebra out of place and what change must take place to hold it in position after proper adjustments have been given. Palmer is able to explain this in a scientific manner so that we understand the principles and also prove by examples from his. That answer was intended for the laity, which would not be satisfactory to a Chiropractor or a scientific investigator. Fractures, osteomalacia, fevers, caries, and many other diseases and their subsequent abnormal or accommodating qualifications, must be studied to their fullest thoroughness. When we speak of a vertebra being subluxated, we refer to its being partially separated, more or less, from the one above or below. As to whether posterior, anterior, left or right lateral, depends upon which one we refer to. The various curvatures, scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis are made by a great diversity of several abnormally-shaped vertebrae, which cannot be studied without appropriate specimens representing each kind. Add to these those varying in consistency from the softness of cheese, in osteomalacia, to those as hard as ivory in specimens which have become eburnated. A part or all of the vertebral column may be softened by superheat, a portion of the bone may ooze out and be deposited on the surfaces, by fusion, causing morbid enlargement and ankyloses. When the heat becomes less than normal, hardening, consolidation and eburnation follow. Each of the following need special attention: Fractures, exostoses, ankyloses, and carious vertebrae. This wedge-shape may be slight or great, needing a series of adjustments accordingly. The time needed to achieve this may cover a period of one or two weeks, perhaps longer, during which the patient has improved but little, if any. The exostosis broken, the normal position is soon reached, pressures released, health follows. They are removed by appropriate adjustments, the how and the why of which must be thoroughly understood before starting a case, if not, serious damage often results. Many so-called fractures of the spine are severe subluxations which a competent Chiropractor can adjust and correct. It is interesting, to a pathologist, to note the various changes and shapes of the different parts of the vertebrae, of the adaptation to some displacement which Innate was not able to adjust, and the physician did not know how. This intelligence displays much and varied intellect in the many locks found in the vertebral column to prevent the further displacement of an already subluxated vertebra, one of which is as nice a dovetail as any artificer could make. Very many times we find vertebrae ankylosed by osseous symphyses for the purpose of preventing further displacement. The above conditions are found in the majority of chronic cases, in more or less condition. All acute diseases can be immediately corrected While you wait, because the vertebrae are not deformed in shape or consistency. Let this subluxation stand permanently, followed by a combination of symptoms, and the change in shape is inevitable. The replacing, once, of a chronic subluxation does not hold it; continued work returns the old normal shape, hence, the return to natural position. To intelligently pursue the right course, the Chiropractor must know what condition exists in every case before he commences work. The following is a list of the technical terms used in the teaching of the different subjects by the different Faculty members. The definitions are short and concise, giving the student a general idea of the terms without having to read a long definition. It is not intended that this list should take the place of a dictionary, but to place in the hands of the student the words most often used, with the definition most easily understood.


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