How to use LaPOST

patients-how-to-use-lapost-imageThe LaPOST document is specifically for patients with serious, advanced illnesses who are not expected to recover. It is completely voluntary and expresses the patient's preferences for levels of treatment at the end of life.

The LaPOST document should be completed only after a thorough discussion between the patient and/or his/her health care representative and the patient's physician. This conversation should focus on the patient's condition and include information about what treatments may work, what won't work and what is or isn't wanted by the patient.

To become valid, the LaPOST document must be signed by either the patient or his/her personal health care representative and the patient's physician. Once signed, the LaPOST document becomes part of the patient's medical record and must be followed by all health care professionals – including Emergency Medical Service personnel – no matter where the patient is being treated.

Although a copy of the LaPOST document is added to the patient's medical records, it is important that the patient keep the original document. It should be stored in a safe, easy-to-find location, and the patient's family or health care representative should be notified of where to find the document if it is needed.



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