About LaHIE

What is the Louisiana Health Information Exchange?
Improving health care in the United States through the use of health information technology is a major initiative today. For providers, it begins with the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs).  The next step involves the ability to securely exchange health information within and across states for the purpose of
promoting continuity of patient care.
altAs part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) granted 56 awards totaling $548 million to help states and territories advance health information exchange among providers and hospitals in their designated areas. The Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum received $10.6 million in 2010 and serves as the designated, neutral entity to build and support a health information exchange (HIE) in our state. 
Known as LaHIE, the exchange allows authorized providers and organizations to electronically access and share health-related information through a secure and confidential network for the purpose of improving patient safety, quality of care and health outcomes.
In partnership with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Grant #90HT0050/01.