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about-lapost-imageCreated with input from health care and legal professionals across the state and approved in 2010 by the Louisiana Legislature as Act 954, the Louisiana Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (LaPOST) document is a best-practice model for patients with serious, advanced illnesses to state their preferences for end-of-life treatment in a physician's order.

Modeled after Oregon's Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Paradigm document, LaPOST was endorsed in in 2006 by the Louisiana State Medical Society and in July 2012 by the National Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Paradigm Task Force. It was also recommended by the Louisiana Health Care Redesign Collaborative's End-of-Life workgroup.

The LaPOST document improves communication between patients and doctors by providing the mechanism for those with serious, advanced illnesses to express their preferences about medical care, and because the document travels with them across health care settings, it ensures that those wishes are honored, regardless of their location.

Since its approval by the state legislature, the LaPOST document has continued to integrate into Louisiana's health care system, assisting patients and families and health care professionals in developing care plans that meet patients' specific needs and goals of care.
 There are no events scheduled at this time.
Media Kit
If you would like to request additional information about LaPOST or schedule an interview with LaPOST representatives or LaPOST Coalition members, please contact Monique Tyler at 225.300.4825 or mtyler@lhcqf.org.

The following items may be helpful to you in developing story ideas related to LaPOST.
      LaPOST Fact Sheet
      Bio: Susan Nelson, MD, LaPOST Coalition Chair

If you would like to request a speaker to present LaPOST information or training at your health care facility, conference, organizational meeting or seminar, please contact Monique Tyler at 225.300.4825 or mtyler@lhcqf.org. Please include the date, location and host of the event and contact information for the event organizer.
Social Media

Press Releases
April 2015
St. Elizabeth Hospital

January 2015
McKnight's Long Term Care News

December 2014
Monroe News Star

December 2014

November 2014
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

October 2014

June 2014
Source: Oregon Health & Science University

Spring 2014
Created by LaPOST Coalition, Available for Distribution on National Healthcare Decisions Day  
Summer 2013
Health Care Ethics USA, Vol. 21, No. 3, p. 17 -- Fr. Tom Nairn, OFM, Ph.D.
Spring 2013
Humana Active Outlook Mailer -- Haley Shapley
Spring 2013
Ochsner Bioethics Newsletter (p. 2) -- Ann Koppel, Esq.
February 2013
The Town Talk - Alexandria, La.
May/June 2012
Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge (p. 58) -- Cindy Munn, Quality Correspondent
May/June 2012
Healthcare Journal of New Orleans (p. 52) -- Cindy Munn, Quality Correspondent
April 2012 -- "LaPOST and You: Making Your Wishes Known"
AARP Louisiana's e-newsletter and website featured story on LaPOST for its membership.  To read the story, click here.
October 2011 -- "The Consistency Between Treatments Provided to Nursing Facility Residents and Orders on the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Form"
The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society posts research results.  Please click here for the study.
September 2011 -- LaPOST: An Achievement for Providers, Patients, and Families
Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge included information about LaPOST in its September issue.  Please click here for the story.
September  2011 -- LaPOST Document to Aid in End-of-Life Planning
The Louisiana State Nurses Association included information about LaPOST and  Susan Nelson, MD, chairwoman of the LaPOST Coalition in The Pelican News, its official publication.  Please click here for the story.
September 2011 -- LaPOST Document Can Aid in End-of-Life Planning
Louisiana Advocates, a publication of the Louisiana Association for Justice, highlighted the LaPOST's background, the program itself and the document. Please click here to read the article. 
August 2011 -- LaPOST Document Can Aid in End of Life Planning
Louisiana Primary Care Association, Inc. included information about LaPOST in The Primary Network its official publication.  Please click here for the story.
August 2011 -- Nelson Discusses End-of-Life Communication
In its latest issue, the Journal of the Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization included an article by Susan Nelson, MD, chairwoman of the LaPOST Coalition, on the LaPOST program and document as well as the importance of guiding end-of-life conversations.  To read the story, please click here and turn to pp. 6-7.
July/August 2011 -- LaPOST Document Aids in End-of-Life Care Planning
The Louisiana State Medical Society profiled Susan Nelson, MD, chairwoman of the LaPOST Coalition, and the LaPOST program in its latest bimonthly newsletter -- Capsules.  To read the story, please click here and turn to p. 7.
July/August 2011 -- LaPOST
An explanation of the LaPOST document and program appeared in the July/August 2011 newsletter, produced by the National Association of Social Workers/Louisiana Chapter. Please click here and turn to p. 11.
6/28/11 -- Nelson Featured in POLST Webinar
Susan Nelson, MD, chairwoman of the LaPOST Coalition, was a featured presenter for a webinar on POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) on Tuesday, June 28, 2011.  Nelson joined Rev. John Tuohey, a Catholic priest and physician, for a discussion of the medical and theological aspects of POLST and related issues. The webinar was organized and hosted by the Catholic Health Association of the United States.
National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD)

Please click here for more information about National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD).


We wish to thank the many partners, both individuals and organizations, who served as members of the Louisiana Health Care Redesign Collaborative's End-of-Life Workgroup, which was tasked by the Louisiana Legislature after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to develop a better health care system for those with serious, advanced illnesses. 

Special thanks to the original LaPOST Coalition members:
  • CHRISTUS Health System
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System
  • Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs
  • Gulf States Association of Homes & Service for the Aging
  • Homecare Association of Louisiana
  • Louisiana Chapter of National Association of Social Workers
  • Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum
  • Louisiana Department of Health
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Legal Services
    • Office of Aging and Adult Services
    • Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities
  • Louisiana Hospital Association
  • Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
  • Louisiana Nursing Home Association
  • Louisiana State Coroners Association
  • Louisiana State Medical Society
  • Louisiana State Nursing Association
  • Attorneys from Louisiana State Bar Association (Elder Law)
  • Physicians representing  Baton Rouge General Medical Center, CHRISTUS Health System, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, LSU Health Sciences Center, Ochsner Health System, Tulane Medical Center and VA Hospital


We also appreciate the National POLST Paradigm Task Force and its member organizations for sharing their knowledge and insight with us as we work to improve end-of-life care in Louisiana. 
If you or your organization would like to assist the LaPOST Coalition in its efforts to drive quality improvements in end-of-life care in our state, please contact Linda Morgan, LaPOST Project Director, at lmorgan@lhcqf.org for information.


    8550 United Plaza, Suite 500
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809

    Ph 225-334-9299 | Fax 225-334-9847


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