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Welcome to the LaPOST eLearning Center

e-learningIn addition to webinars and on-site educational sessions, you can view online training videos to learn more about advance care planning and LaPOST. 

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Conversations Change Lives is a web-based, video series that is available 24/7 for your inservice and/or annual training needs. Dr. Susan Nelson, LaPOST Coalition Chair, hosts the four-part series and guides you through each lesson:

  1. Advance Care Planning: What Is It?
  2. What Is LaPOST?
  3. Having The Conversation
  4. Completing The LaPOST Document

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Hosted by Dr. Susan Nelson, Implementing LaPOST In Your Long-Term Care Facility explores several key areas:

  1. An overview of the LaPOST document
  2. Communication/documenting end-of-life treatment wishes
  3. Implementing advance care planning and LaPOST into existing nursing facility operations.

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Having the Conversation is an informational video that can help residents, family members and caregivers prepare for conversations about health care wishes at the end of life. The 11-minute program has three main objectives:

  1. Introduce viewers to advance care planning and the Louisiana Physician Orders Scope of Treatment (LaPOST) document
  2. Guide viewers through planning and conducting this important talk
  3. Encourage viewers to share their decisions with loved ones


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