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LaPOST Products Page DVDConversations Change Lives:
An Educational Video Series
Designed as a self-guided training for health care professionals in Louisiana, the Conversations Change Lives video series is available on DVD. Host Susan Nelson, MD, guides you through four lessons about advance care planning - from introducing the topic and having the conversation with patients to explaining and completing the LaPOST document. Each video lesson is approximately 7-8 minutes in length.

Order one DVD for free and pay a
shipping/handling charge of $7.95.

To order more than one DVD, please contact mtyler@lhcqf.org or 225-334-9299.

LaPOST Products Page DocumentThe Louisiana Physician Orders for Scope of
Treatment (LaPOST) Document

The LaPOST document is designed to communicate end-of-life care plans for patients with serious, advance illnesses. The 8.5"x11" document is double-sided, printed on gold paper and padded for your convenience. Each pad contains 100 sheets.

Order one LaPOST document pad for free and pay a
shipping/handling charge of $8.95.

Order two LaPOST document pads for free and pay a
shipping/handling charge of $16.95

To order more than two document pads, please contact mtyler@lhcqf.org or 225-334-9299.



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