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final word
The Church acknowledges and thanks health care
for their dedication to the care of those most
vulnerable and in need. They have received the privilege of caring
for those members in society who may find themselves at the
lowest point in their lives, and carry out their responsibilities with
proficiency and the highest ethical standards.
The Church is grateful for the dedicated service of brother
to God’s people. They diligently fulfill the Gospel by giving
God’s people a shepherd’s care (1 Pt 5:2), and the Church reaffirms
them in their competence related to giving solid moral guidance
when it comes to difficult situations related to the sick and the
The Church affirms the work of those involved inministries
to the sick.
They serve the people of God diligently and generously
in their ministries in religious communities, hospitals, health care
institutions, and parishes. The Church commends their attempts to
work with the Church and neighboring institutions and parishes to
foster holistic care of the sick and needy.
The Church thanks those in government and involved in
pro-life policy-making
for their conscientious efforts to develop
policies that serve the common good. Any kind of illness, disability
or disease cannot be weighted above the very value of life itself.
The intentional taking of any innocent human life should never be
To the families and friends of those who are sick and dying,
the Church offers support and hope. There is no substitute for the
integrity and moral strength that can only be experienced by doing
what is right before God. The Church with all humility only tries
to fulfill her role as teacher and interpreter of God’s will, and all its
teachings are meant to bring about the peace that only God can give.