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dr-with-female-patientThe LaPOST document is specifically for patients with serious, advanced illnesses, regardless of age. Because it establishes medical orders, it must be signed by a physician to be valid. It must also be signed by the patient or the patient's personal health care representative. The LaPOST document should only be completed after a thorough discussion between the patient, or the patient's health care representative, and the physician about the patient's understanding of his/her illness, treatment preferences, values and goals of care. Other members of the health care team – such as nurses, social workers or chaplains - may also be involved in this conversation. agencias matrimoniales en colombia The LaPOST document may be revoked or modified at any time based on changes in, or new information about, the patient's condition or personal preferences.
Additional information about how to use the LaPOST document and how to complete each section of the document can be found in the LaPOST Handbook for Health Care Professionals in the Resources section.

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