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Expanding the Value of Health IT

By Cindy Munn, CEO, Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

For the last several years, the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum has proudly partnered in National Health IT Week, Sept. 26-30, a weeklong, partner-driven effort to increase awareness about the value of health IT.

As an organization that has worked with more than 2,000 health care providers across the state in the transition to electronic health records (EHRs) and manages the statewide health information exchange (HIE), National Health IT Week provides us with an opportunity to educate others about the benefits of health IT.

These benefits speak for themselves, but there’s so much more that we can do – both as health care professionals and health care consumers – to drive health IT awareness. National Health IT Week is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Visit our special website for patient engagement resources and information.

  • Are you a student? Take part in the NHIT Week Inaugural Student Challenge. HIMSS is challenging students from health policy, informatics, public policy, computer science, public health and related academic programs to develop and implement health IT advocacy issues in their state or region. (How great would it be if students at Louisiana’s wonderful colleges and universities took the lead on this?) The grand prizewinner will receive a travel stipend of $1,000 and free registration to the 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, which is kind of like winning a free ticket to the Super Bowl.

  • Participate in a National Health IT Week event. From webinars and workshops to symposiums and events, there is a virtual smorgasbord of opportunities to get involved in health IT.

  • Share your story about health IT. The personal stories of health care professionals and patients can make a tremendous impact on policy related to health IT. By sharing your story, you can help promote the value of health IT to decision-makers across the country.

Regardless of how you choose to get involved, whether it’s attending an event or taking advantage of an opportunity to learn more about health IT through a webinar, we hope that you will take action. Health care is something that affects all of us, and together, we can make it better through health IT.

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