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Measuring Success

By Jamie Martin, Marketing & Communications Manager
Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum

For several months, we’ve been leading a statewide campaign to educate Louisiana’s patients and families about health IT and to promote the use of health IT to manage their health and health care. It’s been an exciting effort –our state is one of the first in the country to launch such a campaign, and now it’s time to track our progress thus far.

One year ago, we conducted a statewide survey to identify health IT awareness levels among Louisiana’s health care consumers. The results were quite telling – for example, we learned the following:
  • 68 percent of respondents did not possess copies of their health information at that time, and only 51 percent had ever requested copies of their health records.
  • 58 percent tracked their health information by asking their doctors when they needed it.
  • 90 percent were familiar with electronic health records; 79 percent with patient portals; and 51 percent with the statewide health information exchange.
That survey also provided respondents with the ability to share personal feedback. This is what those respondents said:
  • 26 percent indicated they would use health IT to track and manage their care if the technology is easy to use.
  • 11 percent indicated they would use a patient portal if they had access to a working one through their doctors.
  • 6 percent indicated they would prefer a patient portal that included all information from their providers (i.e., single sign-on).
A year has passed since we gathered that data, and now it is time to measure how far we’ve come in the last 12 months. The new survey is now live, and you can take it by clicking here.
The survey takes less than two minutes to complete, and your feedback will help us to identify how we can continue to help educate Louisiana residents about the value of health IT and the importance of being pro-active in their health and health care.

Thank you in advance for sharing your insights and helping our state to improve health and health care for its residents.
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