Jamie Martin
Marketing and Communications Manager


I’m always excited about the annual HIMSS Conference – the latest innovations in health IT, the coolest health IT geeks in the country and an outstanding variety of educational opportunities all under one (very large) roof is enough to send a health IT advocate like me into a state of ecstasy. Add beautiful Las Vegas into the mix, and well, the word ‘orgasmic’ is probably a bit too over-the-top, so let’s just say I’ll be like that proverbial kid in the candy store.

Even though the conference is still a little more than a month away, I’ve learned from past experience that it’s best to identify the sessions in which I’m most interested early on. (I’ve also learned that it’s best to shop early for comfy shoes and a good rolling bag, but I digress…) It goes without saying that my own session – “Patient Engagement: No Diamond Ring Required,” Session 271 – with my fellow health IT advocate and Quality Forum Health IT Program Director Nadine Robin is my personal favorite on the schedule.

But apart from that bit of shameless self-promotion, with our statewide patient engagement campaign underway here in Louisiana, my primary focus this year is on patient/consumer-related topics, so bearing that in mind, here are a just few of my top picks thus far:

  1. Generational Factors in Patient Engagement, Session 100: Touted as a session that will provide insight on the impact of the various generations, from Boomers to Gen Z, I’m looking forward to hearing some WebMD experts discuss strategies to help providers, payers and systems engage their patient populations.
  2. Trends in Consumer Access and Use of Electronic Health Information, Session 116: It’s always a pleasure to hear from our friends at ONC, and in this session, they’ll be presenting data from national surveys regarding consumers’ access and use of their electronic health information as well as their current initiatives to improve consumer access and information sharing.
  3. Redesigning Mental Health: Technology Driving Outcomes, Session 219: Featuring UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland’s successful, simultaneous implementations of an EHR system and business and clinical processes, this session is expected to provide some real-life solutions to improve patient access and care quality.

Of course, my personal schedule also includes ample time to explore the innovations in the exhibit hall, along with lots of time to network with peers and industry leaders because the HIMSS conference is an incredible place for idea-sharing opportunities.

And I should note, too, that one of the best parts of the HIMSS experience occurs in the Twittersphere, so I hope you’ll find and follow us (if you haven’t already) on Twitter because we’ll be Tweeting live throughout HIMSS16, both individually and organizationally. Be sure to follow us here and here, and follow me, Nadine and Allen Abshire, Health IT Operations Director, as well.

And – forgive me for this last bit of self-promotion – I hope also that we’ll see you in our session. I know it’s scheduled for the last day of HIMSS, and it’s slotted for 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., but it’s a great learning opportunity that gives you time to sleep a bit late that morning and grab lunch afterward before heading off to hear five-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning’s keynote address at 1:15 p.m. I call that a win-win situation!

See you in Vegas, baby!