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Louisiana Health Information Exchange

LaHIE-tabletThe Louisiana Health Information Exchange (LaHIE) is a secure network that enables authorized health care providers and organizations to access and share health-related information from authorized locations across the state.

In our state, the secure exchange of information through LaHIE serves multiple purposes: to improve health care quality, to enhance patient safety, to improve health outcomes and to reduce overall health care costs. LaHIE represents a major component in the state's health information technology (IT) infrastructure.

The exchange launched in November 2011 with two pilot sites – Lafayette Regional Medical Center and Opelousas General Health System –and went live one month later. Today, it includes hundreds of hospitals, health care providers, school-based health centers, home health providers and other health care companies across the state.
To review a current list of LaHIE participants, click here.
Services & Benefits

Louisiana supports a market-based strategy for health information exchange that allows for private sector innovation and initiative and ensures fair practices and compliance with state and federal privacy protections. For Louisiana's health care providers and organizations, this means you have the opportunity make decisions based on what services you need through LaHIE. In addition to data exchange, LaHIE's core services include:
• Master Patient Index
• Record Locator Services
• Audit trail
• Provider Registry
• User identity management/authentication
• Consent management

Current key features of LaHIE services include, among others:
   • Clinical Portal
   • Direct Secure Messaging
   • Single sign on
   • Patient Portal
• Public health reporting
• CCD/C-CCDA Document Exchange
• Analytics

As you evaluate LaHIE enrollment, consider a few of the benefits of participation:
 • Establish, maintain and expand referral and test/procedure patterns within the ambulatory
    care community
 • Improved physician access to clinical information
 • Messaging across transitions of care to support care coordination
 • Improved health outcomes and patient safety
 • Better communication with patients, families, caregivers and other health care providers across
    the continuum of care
 • Streamlined practice processes and reduced administrative burden
 • Compliance with Meaningful Use
 • Improved public health reporting and disaster recovery
 • Reduced health care costs
 • Increased connectivity between specialists, post-acute care and primary care providers

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Quality & Analytics

Health care organizations face a mounting set of complex quality reporting requirements. Useful, actionable quality data is a key component in efforts to improve patient safety, reduce health care costs and advance performance measurement initiatives measures. Yet without a system capable of extracting and analyzing that data, these improvements cannot be realized.

LaHIE supports quality measures and quality reporting across provider organizations by capturing clinical information as structured data that can be easily mapped. For provider organizations, LaHIE means access to supported development of quality data aggregation and measurement and quality improvement programs.

LaHIE's analytics service offerings include:

• Numerator, denominator, exclusions with drill-down capability to patient-provider, plan-level
   analysis and reporting
• Provider-attributed results
• Integration with Meaningful Use measures
• Standard reports including benchmark comparisons and overviews of all measures for
   individual providers
• Customizable and secure portal-based access to provider and group-level measures
• Patient-Centered Medical Home reporting (in development)
• Physician Quality Reporting System (in development)

Meet the Team
Brian Richmond
Chief Technology Officer
Allen Abshire
Health IT Operations Director
Michael Efferson
Michael Efferson
Director of Health
Information Services 

DeeAnn Broussard
Client Executive


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    8550 United Plaza Blvd., Ste. 301
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
    Ph (225) 334-9299 | Fax 225-334-9847

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