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About #HonorMyWishes

#HonorMyWishes is a campaign designed to increase awareness about end-of-life care planning by encouraging you to have conversations with your physician and loved ones about it.

Advanced care planning resources help to empower people by putting their medical care preferences in writing. The Louisiana Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (LaPOST) document is an advanced care planning tool for those with serious, advanced illnesses.

In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day – held annually on April 16 – take a moment to think about the kind of medical treatment you'd want to receive if faced with a critical illness.

Together, we can remove the stigma surrounding end-of-life care planning and make these conversations a common practice in our community.

Get Involved

To join the campaign, follow these easy steps!

  1. Download and print the #HonorMyWishes sign here.

  2. In the conversation bubble, describe what advance care planning means to you and/or why it should matter to others.
         Examples include: “Making my wishes known”; “Peace of mind for me and my son”;
         “Discussing treatment options with my doctor”; “Eliminating guesswork for my loved ones”;
         “My life, my choice”; “Ensuring my family knows my wishes,” etc.

  3. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign.

  4. Upload the image to the LaPOST Facebook page or tag us on Twitter @LouisianaPOLST,
    and be sure to include the hashtag #HonorMyWishes.

We also encourage you to browse our website for valuable advance care 
  • planning resources that include guidebooks, educational videos and more!



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        For more information about obtaining access
        and setting up your organization for access to
        the LaPOST Registry please contact

        Monique Tyler
        LaPOST Project Coordinator

        Jody Marsh
        Practice Consultant

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